Our service begins with a free consultation at the home-site. We recommend a  walk-through of the home, which will allow us to answer any questions you may have, assess your items, and take pictures and notes for research, if necessary.

We will obtain proper permits if needed for your county or city.

Most sales are done in two days to create urgency with buyers. However, if needed we will hold sales for more than two days depending on size of your estate.

Items will be priced based on assessment of the market value of art, antiques, collectibles, furnishings, automobiles, boats,  and all other household items to be sold. Our sales are designed to generate our clients the most amount of money possible.

Estate Sales of Southwest Florida will handle all aspects of your sale including research, displaying, advertising in local papers and nation wide estate sale website to attract buyers and sell your items. We also Speak Spanish which helps us communicate with more buyers.
We will leave your property broom clean and ready for the next step

Our fees are based on a percentage of the sale. There are no upfront fees, clean up fees, set up fees or deposits.
Sometimes clients are confused as to why some companies charge such low fees. Becareful of companies offering low fees to conduct your sale as this can be a sign of dishonest practices and non realistic fees.

Our work is not just measured by our fees but by our results. You are hiring an Estate Sale Company to sell and get as much as possible for your contents and not just put pricing on your items. 
Anyone can list your items for sale but not anyone can sell your items and get huge turn outs of buyers to show up to the Estate Sales.

Our company prides itself in having the largest turn outs of buyers at every sale. Even when there are multiple sales going on we still have largest turn out. Our years, reputation and treating our buyers with respect is the main reason for our success.

We also offer Buy Outs as an option for those clients who are unable to have an Estate Sale in their home or are in a hurry and do not have the time for the Estate Sale. We have a solution for Gated Communities by offering you the client the option to sell all of the items in the home.

Please inquire about our Real Estate Services.

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